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Sexuality is an experience,
it’s art, it’s a language that requires giving and receiving between the masculine and feminine and when done intentionally gives birth to something (new, memorable, or transcendent). Style is a lot like sexuality there is a feminine and masculine component and you need both rooted in a concept, an idea that ultimately creates nuance, sophistication, and tastes, that don’t just connect but meld one into another creating our identity. We know that the ninety-three percent of communication is non-verbal, and that appearance is a very large component of that communication. Imagine being an introvert, shy, awkward, in clothing that looks like everyone else. No one will pay attention to you, and while it’s comfortable if you’re reading this book it’s not what you want. You want to stand out, but want to do so being yourself.When I encounter any woman, I want to leave her with something memorable whether it is as deep as a night of passion or as seemingly innocuous as a brush against my corduroy jacket allowing her to feel the sensation of texture, I want her to feel me. And I want the same for you. Most men just want to fuck with her and fashion, there is no awareness of what they are attracting or even what they are attracted to. They are only concerned with satisfying the discomfort as much on full display when you have clothing as it is when you are butt naked about to get it on. But after reading this book, that won’t be you. I will help you dress for sexcess.

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