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Man U Script Manual

From Self Conscious To Stylishly Self Confident With A Signature Look In 7 Days

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Hey Man, Let's Be Real Here. You want more sex, more money, and more power, right? That's what most guys want out of life. But here's the thing, most guys think that getting a nicer car or a better apartment is the key to getting those things. But they're wrong. Think about it. You only spend about an hour driving per day and eight to ten hours in your house. And most people won’t see you in your car and if you’re like most men you don’t want a lot of people in your house. So why not invest in something that won't cost you nearly as much as a house or a car and will automatically make you look more successful, powerful, and attractive without you having to say a word? I'm talking about developing your presence as a man. Every woman is attracted to a man with "presence" because she intuitively knows that he has something to offer. And women create a mental picture of that "gift" which sets you apart from the crowd. So how do you develop your presence and become the man that women are drawn to? It's simple. You just need a guide, a blueprint, a S.C.R.I.P.T. This stands for Stylish Closet Representing an Identity Personified Tastefully. And once you have your S.C.R.I.P.T, you can rehearse it over and over until you have a signature look.  In my group coaching program, you'll learn how to create your own S.C.R.I.P.T. by Understanding The Four Stories Every Man Will Have In Life, And How To Make Sure You Are Authoring Yours How To Create Your Closet And Keep Confidence In It And Clear Out The Clutter That Doesn't So That You Make Authentic Statements With What You Already Have In Your Closet How To Research And Invest In Quiet Luxury Brands That Everyone Else Isn't Getting And At Better Prices So That You Always Elevate Any Room You're In  How To Create A Lasting Impression Using Your Intention and Interest Through Your Style To Become The Most Interesting Person In The Room How To Put Together Signature Looks For Formal, Professional, Social, And Romantic Scenarios So That You're Never Having To Run To A Shop Last Minute And Feel Self Conscious When You Head Out How To Utilize Your Looks To Transition From Professional To Social Without Stressing About Being Over Or Underdressed  You will now be seen as the man -you were meant to be, when you walk through any scene or scenario with all eyes on you for the right reasons, attracting the right interests, with the right connections.  Let's Build Your Style Now

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